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Kristin Riddle, Front Desk



A wise philosopher once said, “The greatest wealth is health.” I am a true believer in this concept. To work at an office where everyone’s goal each day is to help other people achieve a better quality of life is pretty amazing.

If I could put my finger on three things that define me, they would be: Live each day with a purpose. Family is everything. Be thankful. Each day as I rise, my purpose seems to be formed by my mother, who left this life much to early. To know me is to know my mother. Kind, giving and she never took anything for granted. I have learned how precious our time is on this earth through my mom.

When I say “family is everything”, it truly is to me. I am blessed to have two wonderful kids that I love to watch grow up. To see them win, lose, give their all, grow, learn and surprise me. I love being a mom. It fits me. I also love being an aunt, a sister, a daughter and a wife to my husband of 20 years. Tom and I met and married in Massachusetts and now call Victoria home.

Lastly, Be thankful. I am thankful to have my health and to be a part of a community like Victoria. I love that my kids can attend a school where they can shine and grow spiritually. I appreciate the amazing trails next to our home that I use daily to exercise and walk my basset hound “Bella”. I am grateful to care for those who walk through the doors at ABC Family Chiropractic like family.

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