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New Patient Reviews:

Dr. Erin adjusting a baby

What Our Victoria Patients Say

At ABC Family Chiropractic, we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Thank You For Caring For Your Patients So Well!

I was referred to Dr. Bob and Dr. Erin by a friend who is a chiropractor. I was suffering from terrible neck, shoulder, and arm pain. Also, we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic…so everything was operating differently. I reached out via email and shared my desperation and pain and received a phone call just a short time later. Dr. Erin met me at her office within just a few hours. I received my first adjustment and have returned several times in the past week and a half. My pain went from a constant 5 or 6 with muscle spasms that would make me cry…. to managed pain and A LOT of mobility back in my neck. In just a handful of visits and some intentional home care, I am feeling so much better. Both Dr.’s are kind, knowledgeable, and most importantly for me, EFFECTIVE. I cannot say enough good things about their practice. I also have 3 children, and since I know that is one of Dr. Erin’s specialties I would not hesitate to have her care for any of my children.

– Angie

Warm, Positive and Professional Environment

Dr. Bob and Dr. Erin provide a warm, positive and professional environment and have not only helped me with my neck pain and stiffness but have been great with my toddler as well. Highly recommend!

– Matthew

Feel Safe And Well Cared For

“Dr. Erin’s knowledge about the human body, specifically a body that is carrying a baby, made me feel safe and well cared for. She thoroughly enjoyed helping me and my babe to be most comfortable as so many changes occurred in so little time. She alleviated reoccurring right hip and sacral pain as my babe grew. Her kind words and adjustments made for one happy momma who kept coming back for more. Dr. Erin was an essential part of my healthy pregnancy and fast, unmedicated birth of my baby.”

– Jillian